Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Facebook already Create Search Engine

Facebook re-create the latest breakthrough by creating a new search engine. and this search engine, will help people better navigate all the existing social networking facebook. Facebook has put two dozen technicians to work on an ambitious project led by former Google engineer, Lars Rasmussen. According to undisclosed sources, the goal of this project is up to compete with any open goolge but to help filter the content on its site, such as status updates, articles, video and other information around the web that the 'like' on facebook. Facebook has so far not done much to improve or make money from its search engine, because that is currently allowing people to find other users, brand, status updates and some more web results through collaboration with Bing, Microsoft's search engine. However, Facebook has not been too focused attention on the small search engine box located at the top of the page the user. So if it really makes its own social search engine, Facebook will go 'hunting' on the Google. As is known internet giant's move into the opposite direction with the launch of social networking, Google. According to the West Coast editor of technology website The Next Web, Drew Olanoff, Facebook can make a very different search experience from Google by using large amounts of personal data. "With the list, 'like' and the collection of data, Facebook could allow us to perform a direct search by limited group of people, "he said, as quoted by the Telegraph, Saturday (31/03/2012). But though it was rumored to make a search engine, a Facebook spokesman declined to comment.

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