How to submit sitemap blog "with sitemap generator"

How to submit sitemap blog Blogger

Function or the sitemap site map them is to improve the search engine optimize a site to ensure that all pages can be found. So to simplify the search engines like google mengindek whole article in a website or blog, it would be nice advance Sitemap Submit your blog to google webmaster. How to submit blog sitemap very easy, you can follow these steps - the steps below:

The first step we make a sitemap or Sitemap:
To create a sitemap of a blog, which we do simply by adding code to the end atom.xml ulr address our blog. Please see the following example:
• Alama Ulr:
• The address of the sitemap to be registered: 

If you use Feedburner service, then simply add the code? Redirect = false, so the sitemap address to be registered: 

Another way to make a sitemap, you can use the free service Blogger Sitemap Generator, Here are the steps:
1. Please visit the Blogger Sitemap Generator:
enter your URL below

2. Put your blog address in the space available in its entirety ( as shown below, then click the Create button Blogger Sitemap.

3. Once the process is completed as shown below:

Please write down or copy the newly created sitemap, like this:
For Google: "atom.xml? Redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 500"
For Bing: "Submit 100-500 posts"
For Yahoo: 'Submit 100-500 posts "
4. Then our next step into google webmaster tools, and login with your id to enter.
5. On the porch google webmaster tools, please select the blog that you want submitted sitemapnya.
6. Then on the dashboard click "Configure site"

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