Adding twitter tab to facebook fan page

Adding twitter tab to facebook fan page allow your fans to keep in touch to your twitter updates (tweets) via facebook. No doubt twitter and facebook are the key social networking player. So by adding the twitter tab in the facebook fan page you are providing opportunity to your fans , which are connected to you via facebook,to get connected on twitter too.  It is as good as adding the welcome tab to facebook fan page .So how to add twitter tab to your facebook fan page ?
1. Go to Involver Applications

2. Involver Provides many applications to add flavor to your social world. Some are premium and some are free. You will be happy to know that the application to add twitter tab in facebook page is free there.

3. Click on “Install” button and select the facebook page where you want to add twitter tab. After selecting the desire facebook page hit the button  “Add twitter for pages”.

4.  It will take you to a form where you have to give your full name, email and contact number. Give these details, accept their terms of services, add your twitter username and save the changes.

5. After authentication It will add the twitter tab to your facebook fan page. Where it will show your latest five tweets and basic details of your twitter account which includes following,followers,tweets(updates) and your twitter picture. Its also gives a  follow link in twitter tab to allow people to start follow you on twitter.