Sunday, January 1, 2012

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
Shortcut keys                                Action
File Menu shortcuts
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S             Save the opened document for Web
Ctrl+Shift+P                  To change Page Setup for printing
Alt+Ctrl+P                     Print the opened document with preview
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I             To display the info of opened file
Ctrl+Q                          Used to exit from adobe Photoshop

Edit Menu shortcuts
Ctrl+Z                          To undo/redo the last changes
Alt+Ctrl+Z                     Go to one step backward
Shift+Ctrl+Z                  Go to one step forward
Ctrl+X or F2                  Used to cut the selected area
Ctrl+C or F3                  Used to copy the selected area
Ctrl+V or F4                  Used to Paste the copied value

Image Menu shortcuts
Ctrl+L                          To adjust the color levels
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+L             To adjust the auto Contrast
Ctrl+B                          Used to adjust the Color and Tone balance
Ctrl+U                          Used to adjust the Hue/Saturation
Ctrl+Alt+X                     Used to Extract the selected area
Ctrl+I                           Used to Invert

Layer Menu Shortcuts
Ctrl+N                           Used to insert new Layer
Ctrl+J                            Used to move Layer via copy
Ctrl+Shift+J                    Used to move Layer via cut
Ctrl+G                           To create the Group of layers
Shift+Ctrl+G                   To create the ungroup of layers
Ctrl+E                            Used to Merge the Layers
Ctrl+Shift+E                    Used to Merge Visible

Select Menu Shortcuts
Ctrl+A                           Used to select all
Ctrl+D                           Used to deselect all
Alt+Ctrl+A                      Used to select all layers  
Shift+Ctrl+D                    Used to reselect

Filter Menu Shortcuts
Alt+Ctrl+X                     Used to extract the selected image
Shift+Ctrl+X                  Used to Liquify the selected image
Alt+Shift+Ctrl+X             To create the Pattern Preview
Ctrl+F                           Used to view the last Filter

Filter Menu Shortcuts
Ctrl++ or Ctrl+=               Used to apply Zoom in
Ctrl+-                        Used to apply Zoom out
Ctrl+0                        Used to view as Fit on screen
Ctrl+R                        Used to display the Rulers
F9                             Used to display the Actions panel
F5                             Used to display the Brushes panel
F6                             Used to display the Color panel

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