If you buy a bike but not with the wheels, the bike will not work, in other words, this bike can not be said of a system, because there are less components. if you have an electronic digital watches that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and the total destruction of experience that can not be repaired, then the clock has no value anymore, although the component - the component you are selling yourself. this system. whether the system expensive? A system can be defined as a unit consisting of two or more components or subsystems that interact to achieve a goal.
A system can consist of system parts (subsystems). For example, the computer system can consist of software subsystems. Any smaller or sub-system consists of - ag smaller subsystems or components consisting of - komponen.subsistem hardware (hardware) can consist darialat input, processing tools, equipment and luar.subsistem output system - subsystem in such a way as to achieve coherent or unified (integrated). You can imagine, what if the existing computer systems have, respectively - each component works alone are not integrated, then the purpose of the computer system will not be achieved.

Characteristics of the system has the characteristics or properties - specific properties, which has a component (component), the system boundary (limit), which sisitem external environment (environment), link (interface), the input (input) output (output), processing (process) and destination (target) or destination (goal).
Limits which restrict the blood system is among the system with other systems or environments luarnya.batas this system allows a system is seen as a system shows the scope of a single unit. boundaries (scope) of the system.
The external environment of any system is beyond the limits of the system that affect the operation of the system. Outside the system environment can be both profitable and also can damage the external system. environmental benefit is the energy of the system and thus must remain vigilant and dipelihara.sedang adverse external environment must be held and controlled, otherwise it will interfere with the viability of the system.
SYSTEM Liaison
Media liaison is a liaison between the subsystems lainnya.melalui liaison resource allows resources to flow from one subsystem subsistemke lainnya.keluaran (output) from one subsystem will be the input (input) to other subsystems through the connecting link subsystem. to be able to integrate with other subsystems to form a unity.
Input is the energy that can be incorporated into the maintenance sistem.masukan input (input of maintenance) and the input signal (input signal). Maintenance energy input is included so the system can operate. input signal is processed such as energy output. as found in computer systems, is the Maintenance Program input is used to operate the computer and data input signals to be processed into information.
The output is a result of the energy output is processed and useful in classifying and residual disposal. outputs become inputs for other subsystems or supra-system. For example for a computer system, the heat generated is not useful is the disposal of the output, while output of the required information.