Sunday, December 11, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg answers the big question "about google+"

FACEBOOK is the sole owner of a mischievous child, who has proven to be an easy success at age 20 years now he was 25 years old become Millionaires easy. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, was raised in a suburb of Dobbs Ferry New York and attended school at Philips Exeter Academy in New Hampshire.Ayahnya is a dentist, her mother is a psychiatrist, Mark has three sisters. Mark taught himself sitting dibangku computer program for senior high school (SLTA). He was with his friend Adam D'Angelo is a hacker interested in AOL and Microsoft to create a Winamp plug-ins who can build customized playlists. 

Mark graduated from high school education completedand his friend Adam D'Angelo got a job offer, but they rejected the job offer to go to college in 2002. Mark attended college at Harvard and Adam D'Angelo lecture at Caltech. But they say the fate of another journey. By the time Mark makes image rating site called FaceMash, using fotograf2 of students on the Harvard campus, which is a kind of online sites owned by the school (an annual publication of the book) to introduce students to one other student. But Mark created his own program by Meng - Hack (naughty deeds on the internet) to the student data and using Fofo-photo without his permission, and finally Mark got a rebuke from campus for violating the rules of privacy and computer security on campus. With the sanction of the university Mark was not hurt and felt hindered to do anything to be with pleasure for him. Mark even makes "FACEBOOK", combining the concept of such a closed facebook premier who in his school yearbooks online, with social networking sites like Myspace and large-scale Friendster.

The BBC aired a one hour profile of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg on Sunday (if you’re in the UK, you can watch it here). All in all, most of you will have heard every detail shared before; aside from perhaps one question, does Mark Zuckerberg really see Google+ as a threat?

The question was met with a wry smile that almost dismissed the question before he’d answered it but thankfully he continued:

“Yeah Google’s a great company and I think we want to look at and learn from everything that they do. But at the same time, people have shared a lot on Facebook and have already told a lot of their life story on Facebook. And we think that we have by far better tools for doing that.”

As far as we’re aware this is the first acknowledgement of Google+’s potential threat, aside from his brief mention of Google’s “little Facebook.”

Zuckerberg will almost certainly be paying attention to Google+ because irrespective of how Google wants to market it, Google+ is a director competitor to Facebook. And with Google continuing to plough resources into Google+, user figures are growing, time on site is growing, features are being added on a weekly basis, and it has a backing of a company with deep pockets of cash and plenty of places to direct traffic to it; the next couple of years could see dramatic changes in the way we communicate.

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