Combining Feeds with Yahoo Pipes To Accelerate Index Backlink

Combining Feeds with Yahoo Pipes To Accelerate Index Backlink - Backlinks will be calculated by google, if backlink is already indexed by googlebotmya. In fact we know, index backlinks must wait time, and do not necessarily own company. Blogerrafif experience, would naturally backlinks indexed by googlebot than 2 months, the fact that his name bloggers, surely the cepet penginnya, and cepet up too pageranknya.

For this reason bloggerafif has a trick to speed up index backlinks, ie by combining feed through yahoo pipes. The trick like this

1. Log in to by using your Yahoo! ID

2. Create Pipes, the page will appear with a rather small left sidebar and content on the right.

3. Please press the Fetch Feed and drag towards the existing columns on his right (content)

3. Fill in your rss feed address or where you put a back link url into the box provided, add the url box underneath again by pressing the minus icon that is above it if the feed that you enter more than one.

4. Move your mouse down the fetch feed box, a blue circle will appear, drag the circle toward the Pipe Output, forming a kind of rope that connects the two squares.

5. Save pipes (pipes give your name) and then press run pipes. Then you copy the url address of your feed, by right click copy the url location on the link icon RSS feeds are available.