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Blogger lovers surely know The most important thing for bloggers is traffic, visitors, and he works very hard to get lots of visitors every day,

but what to do after getting a good number of visitors.

You should make your visitors keep coming back to your site and spend more time and ore on your site.

and one of the most effective way to do this is to convince your visitors that you still have the higher quality content.

after reading one of the visitors of your blog post, he should find some things that relate to their interests.

so you might want to make it easy for him to find other related content on your blog,

and the best way to do it, is to use a script related post, to display a list of related posts, not just the post title, but the thumbnail too.

And we will use one of the best widgets for this process, it linkwithin ..

What Is linkwithin
What linkwithin
linkwithin is a free widget allows you to display a list of related posts with thumbnails in the post footer.

when you can choose one of three factors that determine the posts that appear in the list. 3 factors that

Relevance Popularity Novelty

How To Add Related Posts With Thumbnails linkwithin linkwithin WidgetTo Your Blogger Blog
How to Add Related Posts with Thumbnails Widget To linkwithin linkwithin, very easy to add this widget to blogspot, there are two ways to add it, and everyone must choose the right way.

If You Use One Of Blogger Standard (Default) Templates.
If you are using one of Blogger Standard (Default) Template.

if you use standard templates just go to LinkWithIn.com

You will find a small form on the right, fill it, and choose blogger as your platform. means it will appear on every page of your home "is important to follow the instructions. after installing the widget in this way you will notice you might like the stories related in the pages of your posts after every post, on your main page, and on your search results page.

If You Use A Template Adjusted.
This method is used to add widgets to your blog if you:
Use a customized template blogger and only appeared when the post is opened "without filling in the Home page / homepage you"
Want to customize widgets for your blog follow these steps:
Step 1
Go to www.linkwithin.com,
Fill out the form on the right side, but to Platform select other

then click the Get Widget you will be on a page called Install Widget on other platforms

and you'll see the code in there. does not copy the code but found linkwithin_site_id as you can see in the picture. find it and copy it, it should be someting like this 939 455; then store it in a notepad file or save it anywhere.

that the circle is your id Copy in Notepad

step 2
Go to Layout> Edit HTML in your Blogger dashboard and ensure you have checked the "Expand Widget Templates" box.
and using the finder browser (ctrl F) and Find Your tag:

  <div class='post-footer'>
  or a similar tag, or try to find post-footer tag.

step 3

once you find it, copy the script below right before the code.

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>
var linkwithin_site_id = YOUR_SITE_ID;
(function () {
var elem = document.createElement ('script');
elem.type = 'text / javascript';
elem.src = 'http://www.linkwithin.com/widget.js?rand =' Math.random ();
document.getElementsByTagName ('head') [0]. appendChild (elem);
</ script>
<a href="http://www.linkwithin.com/"> <img
src = "http://www.linkwithin.com/pixel.png" alt = "Blog Widget by LinkWithin"
style = "border: 0" /> </ a>
</ b: if>

step 4

Change YOUR_SITE_ID For your own ID is stored> in step 1

step 5

Try to See You Succeed tempalte :-)?

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