how to upgrade shoutmix V3

how to upgrade shoutmix V3

This time I'll post about how to upgrade shoutmix V3. in shoutmix V3 there are many differences from the previous one, especially in terms of usage.
on previous versions shoutmix we can enter directly without having to login? FOR the current version you are required to login.
from this perspective is very poorly understood for a chat but with this feature we do not need hard hard to enter the url, we just once logged in and you just enter your message.
on shoutmix v3 is equipped with statistics that can tell who's online shoutmix users, and it's like Disqus comment box? we are connected with each other.
but actually I'm not too aware fiture contained on this shoutmixV3,  but the first time launching shoutmixV3 there are about 10,000 Fendaftar on that day.
I think shoutmix V3 is very nice and soon you upgrade your shoutmix

for how to make it and if my friend are interested please follow the following steps
1. your first entry into the

2. as usual you sign up now or register and fill out the following form

3. then you will open your email to confirm your fendaftaran
4. after that you log into your acount get
>> dashboard>> manage>>> create shout box

5. and now your acount has been made

6. click acount that's been made and choose embed
7. now it should launch code shoutmix / her residence V3 copy to your blog