Friday, November 18, 2011

How To Add IntenseDebate Comment to blogger

How To Add IntenseDebate Comment to blogger

I am posting this for the english version of my previous post it on my blog who speak Indonesian "senantiasa belajar"

IntenseDebate is one of the most popular a feature-rich comment system for WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and many other blogging/CMS platforms.In this tutorial I am going to explain how to add IntenseDebate comment system to Blogger blog.

With IntenseDebate,you can do many things than your default comment system.These are some main features of IntenseDebate comments.

IntenseDebate features:

Comment Threading.
Email Notifications.
Commenter Profiles.
Reputation Points & Comment Voting.
Plugins API.
Twitter Connect.
Facebook Connect.
RSS Readers & Tracking.

HTML Formatting

You can also customize your links and add some photos to your comments. IntenseDebate supports the following HTML tags: <a>, <b>, <i>, <u>, <em>, <p>, <blockquote>, <br>, <strong>, <strike>, <img>


Intensedebate offers full Gravatar support. If you have a Gravatar they will automatically upload your Gravatar when you signup for IntenseDebate. You can choose to use your Gravatar or upload a different profile pic.

Before start this process,you must backup your blogger template first.Save the backup template file on your hard drive.

1.Create a Account on

2. after that you log in. To install click the site and add your blog / site and you are prompted to enter your Url Address


you must take into
1.1.How would you like to install IntenseDebate?
if you want to install IntenseDebate?

select the "Template" option.
2.2.Which Should blog posts have comments enabled IntenseDebate?
Which blog posts must have comments enabled IntenseDebate?

Only on new posts
- Your old comments will be displayed using the original comment system of your blog

On all blog posts "
- IntenseDebate comments will be available on all posts, but comments that therewill be hidden.

Select "On all blog posts" "option.

Note: If you want to keep the "standard comments you post old Blogger blog", thenchoose "Only on the new entry".

4.Scroll down to the bottom of the instruction.
you are told to backup your template you get to design and select edit Teplate andDownload full template

after that you note where the downloaded file was saved because of this that we will upload the template

Now pay attention: now select the file where you save the template you downloaded and uploaded files

Next you Delete the existing code in your template

Copy the code in Diteintensedatabate earlier and copy the template that you Delete and save See the results

Just to the attention of utuk comentar your existing will not be displayed but are still in the database blogger
hopefully when the tide is many of the comments on your blog and your comments after this
especially if you do not understand please comment


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